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What is a 'lan-party'?

A lan-party is a gathering of gamers, an event where everyone brings his/her gaming equipment, plays games during an entire weekend and face off against each other.

What should I bring?

  • PC or laptop
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Headset (no speakers)
  • Multi socket extension lead (without a switch)
  • Charger / leads ( for PC, cell phone, monitor...)
  • UTP cable minimum of 20m (ethernet cable)
  • Sleeping equipment (field bed, mat, sleeping bag, pillow, teddy bear...)
  • Toiletry (deo, toothbrush, anti-fartspray...)
  • Desk chair (optional, normal chairs will be available)
  • Optional drinks and food (we sell drinks and food at reasonable prices)

Anything I should know in advance?

Terms and Conditions
Safe transport of hardware (preferably in transport boxes...)
Loading and unloading of materials (Be courteous to others with heavy materials, don´t block the loading points)
If you have any problems, please ask the crew
Be vigilant about loose equipment (Cell phones, wireless mouse, headsets ... ). When you leave your place, we are not responsible for theft

Where can I sleep?

There is a sleeping area available where you can set up your field bed or mattress to sleep.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you can. However, we would prefer you don´t. We sell food and drinks at reasonable prices at the bar. We can only make our organization grow through your help.

What games will be played?

Any legally obtained game with either offline or online play is an option. We are not responsible for the possession of illegal software. This software is prohibited at X-Lan.

Will there be any compo's and prizes to win?

Yes, every edition of X-Lan will have a number of competitive compo's and a fun compo in which several prizes can be won. These are mainly hardware parts and peripherals.

Can I bring my console to the event?

You can, as long as you do not exceed the provided seating arrangement and network connection. All rules regarding illegal software also apply to console gaming. Tables range from 1m(3'3") to 1.4m(4'7"), a single network port will be made available per participant.

What sanitary facilities do the venue provide?

Plenty of toilets are available at the venue. If you need to use the toilet for the disabled, report it at the beginning of the lan. This toilet will otherwise remain closed. Showers are not provided, but sinks are available.

Where can I put my car during unloading and/or parking in the duration of the lan-party?

The parking areas and loading/unloading zones will be indicated. If you are unsure about where to go, just ask the crew and they will gladly help you out.