Article 1: Organizations

The organizations 't Netwerkske (referred to as "the organization" ), host a LAN party, named X-Lan. During this event, prizes can be won in different competitions. The starting time and location will be announced through the website. 

By registering for the event the participants agree with the rules specified, and with all decisions made by the organization. The organization supervises the LAN party, the competitions, strict application of the rules, identifying the winners and assigning prices. The decisions of the organization can not be disputed. The organization reserves the right at any time to make changes in the rules. These changes will be published on its website.   
The organization will use the personal information, provided at registration, for the use of the X-Lan databases, this in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy as amended by the Act of December 11, 1998, about the processing of personal data. This information will be used for advertising our next events.

This information will never be given to third parties, for any purpose, whether commercial or personal use. All personal information that the participants pass to X-Lan will be kept with the utmost discretion. When sending personal information, the participant acknowledges, that the transmission of such data over the internet is never without risk. Damages resulting from the use of personal information from unauthorized parties can in no way be held responsible for the organization. 

Article 2: Participation

Any person can participate in X-Lan and its associated events, however, can only be individually registered. Subscriptions in a group are not allowed. Each person and email address are allowed only one entry. The organization has the right to exclude participants who repeatedly enroll.

Registering for X-Lan can only be done at by completing the registration form. Incomplete registration forms are not valid and can be deleted by the organization. 
The registration is only valid after the participant has transferred the registration fee to our bank account, mentioned in the e-mail sent after completing the registration form. The latter serves as an admission ticket for X-Lan and must be presented to gain access to X-Lan together with the ID-card. 

The organizers bear no responsibility for online registrations that are not found in the database. 

Article 3: Determination of winners/prizes

The winners will be notified the final day of the event, including through broadcasting and the intranet site. Prizes are not exchangeable and can not be passed to third parties. The winners must make themselves known to the organizers, on or before the specified end time, at the venue where the event takes place. If the participants fail to identify themselves as the winner, their prizes will accrue to the organization in question and will be used as prizes in a subsequent LAN party. 

Article 4: Generalities

The organization shall in no event be held liable for any damages, whether direct or indirect, to any person, participants or materials (including this hardware and software) as a result of participating in X-Lan and its associated events. 

This also applies to technical faults and/or defects in hardware or software or of the organization, by which participation in the competition is made impossible, or temporarily interrupted. 

It is not allowed to bring spirits, hard or soft drugs to the venue. Participants accept the house rules of the location of the event. They will respect and behave properly. Participants or visitors who indulge in drunkenness, vandalism, riot, quarrels or disorder may be denied access at any time to X-Lan. In the case of serious offenses, the police will be notified. 

The use of speakers is not allowed to avoid nuisance. We will be monitoring, and participants who do not abide by these rules may be removed from X-Lan. The organization is not responsible for any accident, loss or theft. Each participant waives any claim against the organizers in this regard. 

Any adjustments or improvements to these rules, thereby included during the course of X-Lan and its associated events, fully apply as a matter of regulations. 

Article 5: Prohibition of abuse

The participant is solely responsible for the information that he consults, requests or forwards. In general, the organization can not be held liable for infringements committed by third parties or the participant's network and infrastructure of X-Lan.

If the network and infrastructure of X-Lan are used in any way that would conflict with these regulations and all its terms, or other applicable regulations, the necessary measures will be taken to put a stop to the infringement. The organization has the right to exclude the participant immediately and remove him without delay, without prior notice and without the obligation to pay any compensation. Each participant is liable, and the organization will be compensated all costs and damages arising from the improper or unauthorized use of the network and infrastructure by the participant or by a third party and is also obliged to indemnify against claims of third parties, including the organizations claims arising out of use that is not in accordance with these regulations. This clause shall also apply if the participant distributes data, or makes data accessible, unlawfully or infringe the rights of third parties, such as intellectual property rights and related rights. The participant shall indemnify the organization for any third-party claim in this regard. 

The organization and/or its suppliers can not be held liable for infringements by third parties or the participant connected through its network. The network and infrastructure of X-Lan may be used for lawful purposes only. 

It is forbidden to make a connection or to send, receive, upload, download, use or reuse 

  • of which the existence, content, possession, distribution or use are threatening, obscene or fraudulent;
  • that infringes copyright or other intellectual property rights of third parties or statutory provisions;
  • that constitutes a crime or a violation of a court order, a government decision or any other form of illegal activity.
  • It is forbidden to use the network and infrastructure of X-Lan for any action that leads to:
  • illegal or unauthorized access to the data taken from the connected networks;
  • degradation or bringing the proper functioning of the network and infrastructure at risk;
  • jeopardize or impair the integrity of computer data or damage to, or destruction of computer data and of their reliability;
  • bringing or infringing the privacy of third parties, PC´s or of other members of the network in particular, in general in danger.

It is prohibited to bring or use illegal software inside as well as any other material that is illegal or infringes on intellectual property rights of third parties. Each participant shall indemnify the organization for any third-party claim in this regard. The organization is not liable for infringements committed by participants through its network or infrastructure. Each participant is liable for damages resulting from the unauthorized use thereof. 
The participant acknowledges that the organization is incapable of checking the content placed on its server(s) by third parties. The participant is and remains solely responsible for the content of all data exchanged, including but not limited to the choice and the consequences of posting links to other servers or PCs. Each participant shall indemnify the organization for any claim or damage of third parties in this respect. 
Any application that will overload or charge the network infrastructure unreasonably, in any manner whatsoever, will be considered as a potential offensive use of the network and infrastructure and is prohibited. The participant will not commit piracy or hack the system of X-Lan and their suppliers, or any other system. 

Article 6: Disputes

The participants agree that their name and/or photo might be published and that their likeness can be reproduced and can be made public in any manner which includes but is not limited to videos and streaming on the site (s) of the organizers, including those with URL

The organization can in no event be held responsible for any consequences that disclosure of such information would have for the winners, participants, and visitors. Any attempt at fraud will be punished with the immediate disqualification of the participant. Persons who in any way (attempt to) forge, infringe or commit a breach of the rules of X-Lan and her accompanying competitions, will be completely excluded from X-Lan and its associated events; their participation is considered void.

Items that are not provided in these regulations will be examined by the organization. The decision taken by the organization is final. By taking part in X-Lan, participants accept all parts of the rules and regulations, as well as any decision that the organizers are compelled to take. Their decision is not possible to object.