76 / 80 seats taken for X-Lan 2.10

X-Lan 2.10

Sign up before April 20th, 2018

X-Lan 2.09 came and gone and it was another awesome gathering. Always good to get all your gamer friends together and have a blast! We would like to thank all of you for bringing us 9 editions of pure joy, and it´s time we start looking forward to the big one.

X-Lan 2.10 is coming and it is going to be a big one. We have a lot planned for our 10th edition and will celebrate throughout the event. This is one you do not want to miss guys. That´s why throughout the next couple of months we will be teasing, announcing and revealing more than ever before.

2.10 will take place at Zaal de Brug from 20/04/2018 18:00 until 22/04/2018 18:00.  
Ticket sales are open, so make sure to register for this special edition. Get your seats early, it will be worth it. Only a registered and paid seat will reserve your spot for 2.10!

We will be in touch soon.