X-Lan 2.08: Another great success...

We would like to thank all our participants for another great edition of X-Lan, you guys rule and all of you helped us to make it the best edition yet.
Most of you guys are already looking forward to the next edition, but most of us are still recuperating.

We would like to congratulate all our winners of the FUN-compo as well, good job guys!
- 1st Grimrabbit
- 2nd Piercy
- 3rd GOOBER
- 4th BlackMage
- 5th Don
- 6th Bommy
- 7th Droconio
- 8th Chipsbok
- 9th Krytor
- 10th Ducky

And last but certainly not least we would like to thank all our sponsors for the great prizes and awesome experience that made all of this possible:
- Pc-Tools
- Trudo Computer Systems
- Paperfish
- TD!T
- Sycotv.be
Could not have done it without your support!