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X-Lan 2.21

Hi guys!

In case you haven't participated X-Lan 2.20, then we welcome you to our new website.

If you don't have an account yet, we would like you to complete the following steps:

     1. Create an account.

          A new registration is needed.

          After you created an account you can log in right away, there won't be a registration mail to wait for.

         When you login, 2FA (Google Auth) will be offered. For now this is optional, but keep in mind it can be mandatory in the future.

     2. Full membership.

         Now that you have an account you still won't be able to sign up for our events.

         Hand out to our discord and pm an admin to grant you member rights.

     3. Clan system

         Maybe you didn't noticed, but you haven't joined any clan yet.

         Our website has a clan system where clan's will be managed by clanleaders.

         Clan options can be found on your profile page. There you'll have the option to reply to an already existing clan,
         the clanleader will receive your request and can accept or deny this.

         In case you want to start a new clan, a request can be made. Contact an admin on discord for further instructions.

     4. Pre-orders

         When you signed up for any of our events it's possible to rent a gamechair.

         Hit the "Sign up" tab again and a pre-order button will be available.



Please keep in mind this site is still under development. When a bug is found, please contact an admin on discord and we will try to help you as soon as possible. Suggestions for improvement are also welcome.

Thank you for your time and see you at X-Lan 2.21


X-Lan team.