Compo's explained

X-Lan is all about fun-compos!
Each edition we host around 8 compos in different genres. These games are mostly free-to-play, or we provide the game so that everyone can participate.
When registering, they can choose which games they can participate in. It is not mandatory to participate in a compo, but the more competitions you enlist for, the more chance you have to win prizes.
Points can be earned with each game. The higher you score, the more points you will have. Even coming in last ensures you still receive minimum points.

After all scores are tallied up, the top players will receive one of the prizes provided by our sponsors.
Registration for the compos and the schedule will be announced on our intra-site during the event. If you fail to participate after registering, your score will not count toward your end score.

We have some returning compos like Poker and PC throwing, but for the others we keep it fresh and rotate different games. We keep these a secret, to give everyone a chance to win!